The Chateau Mcely family is delighted to announce more awards from the popular travel website TripAdvisor. The hotel’s ranking in the top 25 in four of eight categories for best hotel in the Czech Republic for 2017 is the result of our team’s combined efforts to provide more than just hospitality – we offer service with love.


25 Top Small Hotels in the Czech Republic – 9th place

25 Top Luxury Hotels in the Czech Republic– 13th place

Top 25 Hotels for Service in the Czech Republic – 25th place

Top 25 Hotels for Romance in the Czech Republic – 19th place

Chateau Mcely is an eco-chic five-star chateau hotel located in central Bohemia about an hour’s drive from the center of Prague. It was rated as the most luxurious boutique hotel in the Czech Republic by Dolce Vita magazine.

The chateau is the perfect destination for a wide range of occasions, such as weddings, spa days, romantic weekends, celebrating important family events and anniversaries, conference getaways, as well as special seasonal offers from our calendar of events.

Chateau Mcely offers luxury accommodation in 24 rooms and suites; the Piano Nobile restaurant (recently rated as the top restaurant in the Czech Republic for 2014 by Maurer’s independent guide); the MCELY BOUQUET SPA for relaxation and spa treatments; MCELY BOUQUET, its own line of natural skincare products; and an extensive English park with a swimming lake, multifunctional sports ground, and children’s playground—“Under the Daisy”.

Mcely and history

Mcely is a picturesque village with original, historical wooden buildings and a 16th century Baroque church. It has about 300 residents, and its surroundings are a popular recreation area, primarily for the residents of nearby Prague. It is located on the edge of the beautiful St George Forest, itself wreathed in legends. Here you’ll find lots of wild mushrooms, blueberries and other delicious forest fruits. The ancient herbalist and healing tradition of the Nine Flowers is preserved here to this day. Experienced old herbalists collect the nine midsummer blooms at the end of June and add them to healing teas, or steep them in virgin oil to create curative balms.

For centuries Mcely was famous in Bohemia as the location of the Marian Miracles, the most famous of which happened in 1849, when, according to surviving documents, the Queen of Heaven appeared to three orphans.

Preserving local traditions and maintaining the quality of community life matter to the inhabitants of the village. 

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