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Hotel Lungarno

Hotel Lungarno

Фото Отеля Hotel Lungarno

Few cities can rival Florence. As the cultural capital of the world, it is a monument to the Renaissance. Striding the Arno that runs through the heart of the city, is the world-famous Ponte Vecchio. Standing on the south bank nearby and overlooking The Uffizi, Palazzo Vecchio, the Duomo and the Florentine campaniles, is Hotel Lungarno where you have your own 'Room with a view'. Following its own renaissance, prompted by the Ferragamo family, the guest rooms are luxurious, not to say dramatic, and splendidly appointed. The restaurant, Borgo San Jacopo, overlooks the River Arno as it offers the timeless taste of Italian home cuisine. The hotel is famous for its great character and legendary hospitality. Now a new two-bedroom suite has been added overlooking the river in a neighbouring 15th century building containing a large living room and patio with butler service and a private chef available on request. The summer has come and it is time for us to take advantage to let our Hotels be always ready to welcome you and your clients in the best way. Some renovation works will be in progress at the Hotel Lungarno starting from mid-July up to the end of August. Part of the lobby will be closed and the bar service will be run in the breakfast room as well as the advantage will be taken to use our nice terrace overlooking the river Arno. During the month of August the breakfast room will be closed and the breakfast service will take place in the lobby. Our Staff will be available to welcome your Guests and do everything possible to avoid the discomfort